Phone and On-Site Support

Having a single point of contact for most computer and network-related problems reduces the time required for problem resolution. It reduces stress and confusion, and makes for a better return on investment.

In some offices, a practice management software company has supplied software, hardware, training, and support. When problems and questions arise, it is clearly that company's responsibility to solve them. As more complex integrated systems are installed in dental offices: more and more vendors are introduced into the equation. Computer hardware vendors, sensor vendors, software vendors, camera vendors, network integrators, trainers, and consultants are all involved in the final solution; and it becomes difficult to assign responsibility for solving the problem to any one company.

Through experience in dental computing, CompuDent Systems technicians are uniquely aware of many problems and issues that arise through the integration of various hardware and software components. That experience allows them to quickly diagnose and solve problems, or to assign responsibility for the problem and ensure that it is resolved.

Knowing that CompuDent technicians are available when problems occur allows dentists and office managers to focus on studying dentistry instead of learning all the details of their computer system.

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